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On October 31st 2019 the UK is due to leave the European Union, although there are many aspects to Brexit that remain unclear no matter what the final outcome will be, one thing is certain – Brexit means big changes for UK businesses. 
Many UK businesses have been preparing for all eventualities, deal or no deal. One option open to large, medium and small UK businesses is to relocate their operations to Ireland and in particular Dublin. By doing so they will negate any potentially harmful fallout if the UK does indeed crash out of Europe with no deal. As a large number of companies in the UK rely heavily on Europe for the import and export of goods and direct access to their markets etc., it makes sense to have a permanent European base that will continue to afford all the benefits of operating under EU trade conditions. 
If this is the route you choose then you may need help in relocating your company and your local BNI Group is ideally placed to help. Business Networking International (BNI) is the world’s most successful referral-marketing organisation with its network of business contacts spread across the globe. BNI Premier is a professional networking group based in Dublin that has just the expertise and contact you need in setting up a new business in Ireland.  
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