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BNI Premier launches Power Team Program 
BNI Premier Power Team Program* 
The Chapter Power Team Program is a preferred method for members in a BNI chapter to increase the size and referral results of their chapter. The Power Team strategy calls for four-to-six chapter sub-groups or “Contact Sphere Companies” working together in teams. The teams will: 
1. Identify and recruit those categories and individuals in business that they would like to add to their own team as referral partners and 
2. Increase the quality and quantity of referrals within the sub-group (Power Team). 
This powerful strategy allows members within each of the chapter Power Teams to determine, and better control their type of referred business and contacts. The Power Team program achieves two important objectives. 
First, the PT members are best able to determine which categories would best fit their existing mix and the selection criteria to be used for selecting and recruiting candidates. By working within a small group, more brainpower and determination can be focused on the task of recruiting the best individuals to round out their referral team. Because the members operate within the same general industry, they are able to communicate easily with others in the same industry. 
Each Power Team should create a short list of the categories that would best fit the sub-group’s mix. This list of usually 2-3 categories will be the priority target for each Power Team member. 
The way to attract interested candidates is to determine an estimate of the number of referrals that might be generated for the right person in the targeted category within the coming months – by the entire chapter. 
Members from each Power Team should ask for help from the other members’ contact base through assembling a chapter TOP TEN LIST which would be comprised of the 2-3 top categories of each Power Team. This list should be prominently displayed at the front of the room each meeting and resident on the website for members and visitors to see. When the Power Team is rounded out with a balanced group of members, (minimum of 6 individuals) then that team can focus its recruitment attention on helping fill in the other chapter teams. 
Once the team is up to proper numbers, these more mature teams can begin focusing on their second objective of improving the quality and quantity of referrals within the referral team. This second objective of improved quality external referrals, will occur through a process of intensive referral consultations at a monthly meeting OUTSIDE OF THE REGULAR BNI WEEKLY SESSION. During these monthly Power Team Consultations, the 5+ members will share information specifically aimed at improved generation of external referrals. 
The Power Team Program recognizes that it is easier to generate good referrals among members within a sub-group of complementary/non-competitive businesses. Working within a Power Team structure will not preclude the exchange of referrals from one sub-group to other sub-groups. Rather, it will increase opportunities for better referral relationships within the Power Teams while still maintaining the group-to-group referrals. 
The BNI Premier Chapter Power Team Goal is to achieve a minimum of 25 members who generate a chapter ratio of 3 external referrals for every 1 internal referral. 
Next Actions: 
1. Schedule a regular monthly meeting: 90 to 120 minutes 
2. Nominate a Team Captain (Chair & Co-Ordinate) 
3. Identify Top 2 Targets for the Power Team 
4. Identify at least one thing that you can do to help any other member of your power team 
5. Identify the one thing that you can get help on from your power team 
If you have any queries or questions or indeed, suggestions of what has worked for your group or can be applied overall, please revert directly to Alan Tracey in his capacity as overall Power Team Co-Ordinator: atracey@knowledge.ie or 086 8181 085 
*Adapted from BNI Chapter Power Team by Dan & Nancy Morgan. 
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