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"I come out of Thursday's meeting ready to take on the world" 

Martin Reardon - Premium Leaflets 
I had not networked before and I found it very daunting at the beginning. I attended the training days not because I wanted to but because I had to. I had never done a PowerPoint presentation and put off my 8 minute presentation continuously. Missed meetings, I've been late and dodged 121's. 
I was everything the group didn't want in a member. 
With the help of group members I've raised my game, started doing meaningful 121's, contributing to meetings with referrals, I've got my investment back from a monetary point of view. 
There is so much more I have gained from BNI Abbey that I can't put a value on. 
I no longer have an issue with standing up in front of 20 people and speak for 60 second. I still don't like compulsory training days for BNI but have a greater understanding of their need. I did my 8 minutes and it was grand, I miss a lot less meetings these days and I look forward to 121's.  
I come out of Thursday's meeting ready to take over the world and it carries through into Friday. If only our meetings were on a Monday. 
This experience has opened my mind to so much more. 
I like to thank everyone for the welcome and support I received. 

"BNI has proved to be a very cost effect marketing strategy for my business" 

Steve Taber - it'seeze Web Design 
BNI's has proved to be a very cost effect marketing strategy for my business and within a few months I had more than recouped the annual membership fee through converted sales leads and I continue to get great quality referrals that nine times out of ten turn into sales. 
In addition to the financial benefits of being a member of BNI I find the support and encouragement of fellow members invaluable especially if you are just starting out or work for yourself.  

"We have the experience to cover any issues that I might come against" 

Anthony McGinley - PaperPunch Office Supplies 
To the BNI Premier Group. 22/02/2017 
I joined BNI Abbey 3 years ago with the main reason to increase my Sales and to set up a new network of contacts. What I didn’t realise at the time was that not only would I increase my turnover but I would gain numerous contacts/friends that I could call anytime and look for help in all aspects of my business. 
Within the group we have Professionals for all types of business and that’s what I like. We have the experience to cover any issues that I might come against and I hope that I give back the same help to anybody within the group. 
I recently renewed my membership and its down to the members of the BNI group that I did. 
I would highly recommend BNI and this group to any potential new members. If you are just starting a new venture or have been in business for a couple of years BNI will help you grow your Sales and more importantly your Business Knowledge. 
Kind regards : Anthony McGinley - Paperpunch 


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